Technical Support


Every application comes with a different challenge. Whether you're a job shop, or a manufacturer specializing in unique production, factors such as tool life, cost of labor, and time of production matter. Any distributor can sell you a product, but it takes experience to adapt to the day-to-day hurdles of the machining world. With over 50 years experience in servicing a broad resume of local industries and applications, our turnkey approach to in-house technical support and product awareness allows you the customer the time to worry about what matters, your business.

Inventory Consignment


J. Howard Kennedy Company offers a full array of consignment options to make ordering easier. Compared to stock vending which can be a more substantial commitment, consignment puts the effort of restocking the common items you use on a weekly or monthly basis in our hands, usually without the need for additional storage. Give us a call if you're interested in a free evaluation.

Vending Machine


Our vending services through Supply Pro allow your machinists the ease of in-house product availability without the hassle of maintaining inventory levels. Simply use what you need and we'll handle the rest. Vending can serve as a surprisingly affordable alternative to the time you spend on ordering inventory.

Tool Repair/Resharpening/Recoating


Tool resharpening can be an affordable way to restock certain items in your shop. Ask us about our repair, resharpening, and recoating programs.

Sandvik Yellow Coat Elite Distributor


Sandvik is now the leading name in indexable tooling, both in the USA and worldwide. If you're interested in Sandvik's extensive lineup of turning, milling, drilling, boring, threading, or grooving applications, our status as the area's only Yellow Coat Elite Distributor matters. Not only do Sandvik Yellow Coats receive ongoing and rigorous training in the areas of cutting edge techniques and technical insight, all of which are necessary to fully understanding the uses of the Sandvik line, but our specialty pricing allows us to beat the competition. Simply put, you will not find better pricing on Sandvik items from any other local distributor. Call us for a quote and see.

Special Application Tools


Custom Engineered Tooling & Workholding: J. Howard Kennedy has been supplying the manufacturing industry with custom cutting tools and workholding solutions for years. Our custom tools can be indexable style, solid carbide, high-speed steel, or PCD tipped. Let us design an improvement on your part quality and cycle time through a custom tool application.

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